Benteler Achieves Transparency In Business Client Relationships With Netigate

Benteler Distribution is a processor and distributor of steel pipe products. With its worldwide distribution and logistics network, the company is one of the leading distributors in the international market.

Business Clients In More Than 30 International Subsidaries Surveyed

Benteler uses Netigate’s services mostly in the marketing department for B2B surveys. Amongst others, the company conducted a multilingual customer satisfaction survey across 32 international subsidiaries with the goal of increasing transparency, revealing strengths and weaknesses in customer relationships and identifying areas for improvement. The link to the survey was sent to 4,000 customers via e-mail. After one week, there was an automatic reminder sent to all of the customers, which had not yet answered. An overall respondent rate of 50% shows the high acceptance of the online survey.

“With Netigate we get detailed insights into our customer relationships and can determine appropriate actions.”

Results As a Basis For Improvement In Customer Relationships

The survey enabled detailed insight into customer relationships. On the basis of the results, Benteler took actions, e.g. personal calls that resulted in an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

“Netigate helps us to understand where we are at with our customers. Now, the push of a button is enough to be able to see how satisfied our customers are – and this works worldwide.”

Better Understanding Of Customers Needs

Besides customer satisfaction surveys, Benteler also conducts surveys with previous customers. These customer churn surveys help us to understand why customers left and how to counteract this in the future. The survey is sent to all business clients which have not purchased anything for a long period of time. They are asked, among other things, for the reasons for this and what Benteler could do to bring them back as a customer. With the help of these surveys, Benteler can understand the needs of customers better and therefore optimize its products and services further, to create long lasting customer loyalty in a highly competitive market.

“Our claim is to offer our clients exactly what they need right now. Netigate helps us with this.”