360-degree feedback

Motivated and competent managers are a fundamental part of your company‘s success. 360º feedback allows you to effectively support every manager in becoming aware of their impact and improving their performance.

Feedback for professional development

✔ Identify strengths and areas for improvement

✔ Compare self-assessments with feedback from colleagues

✔ Holistic, differentiated feedback

✔ Targeted coaching and training

360-degree feedback with Netigate for feedback from multiple perspectives

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Multi-faceted feedback

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360º feedback enables managers to be assessed from multiple different perspectives, giving a complete overview of their performance in different areas and with different colleagues.

From their supervisor, to colleagues at the same level, and employees who report to them, managers can receive feedback from everybody they work with.

Each 360º feedback process can be adapted to suit the individual and their personal objectives.

360° feedback with Netigate

Take full control of your 360-degree feedback project with the Netigate platform, or let our experts support you. We can manage the entire process, or provide help when you need it. Getting started is easy with our tried-and-tested survey template, but you can also develop your own.

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Topics to cover in your 360° questionnaire

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Leadership skills

…recognizes the achievements of his/her direct reports.

Social skills

…is open to constructive feedback.


…communicates expectations to direct reports in an understandable way.

Empowering others

…gives his/her direct reports the opportunity to take responsibility.


…works by the values of the company.

A feedback solution underpinned by theory

Our 360º questionnaire has been designed around the transformational leadership model. We've also drawn upon a wealth of experience gained from the numerous feedback projects we have managed.