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Netigate saapuu Suomeen

Ruotsalainen tietoyhtiö on tuomassa tarkoituksenmukaiset ja räätälöidyt ratkaisunsa suomalaisille asiakkaille. Tiimin tuorein jäsen tulee Helsingistä.…

Balancing growth and profitability. Moving forward under your own steam.

“Finding great ideas is easy, great execution is not.” Ever tried, ever failed. The value…

Important information February 2016 – new Insight platform

Dear Netigate user, In September 2015 we launched our new Insight platform and on the…

View your result (Our New insight platform)

A basic overview of how to use Netigates insight platform to analyze the result of your surveys.

#Dressgate – The final answer to the questions is….

The global debate that raged on Friday 27thFebruary now has come to a final decision according to our study. 55% say the dress is white and gold and only 45% believe that the dress is blue and black.

All Hearts’ Day – we have now picked a winner

Girlfriends, cousins, parents, pets and colleagues. Those are just a few examples of the people we want to woo on Valentine’s Day. Our All Hearts’ Day competition gained a lot of interest and we have now picked a winner.

Stay one step ahead – an API connection can be used to send surveys automatically

What is API and how can it help you save time and work more efficiently with feedback from customers and employees? API means Application Programming Interface and makes it possible for one system, for example a CRM system or ERP system, to talk to another system, for example a survey system. This means that a specific event in another system can trigger a survey to be sent out automatically.

How your company can work with automated surveys – 8 quick questions to get you started

Automating surveys is an efficient way of saving time and ensuring that the results reach the right recipients directly. Is your company thinking about starting to work with automated, event-controlled surveys? Here are eight questions to ask yourself to get a good idea of how an API connection can help your company.

Visualise and distribute survey results with infographics

There are numerous ways to prepare and present survey results. If you want to visualise your data easily comprehensible and appealing, infographics provide excellent opportunities to communicate even the most complex or “dry” facts and figures. Well-designed infographics are also ideally suited to generate attention in today’s information overload and to be shared in different social networks.

Visualise and distribute important key ratios using real time dashboard

Once you have gathered the results of your survey, it can be difficult to know what to do next. In fact, distributing your KPIs and other key ratios can be a bit of a dilemma – too much information, not enough information, too much to the wrong people or not enough to the right people. Which channels are the easiest to use? Who you need to inform about the results is often the easy bit, but it is harder to distribute the right information to the right people as time effectively as possible for everyone concerned. PowerPoint and Excel documents are all well and good, but to simplify matters, a real time dashboard, which you only need to send a link to, is definitely the easiest and most graphically appealing method. Read more about how different KPIs and key ratios can be visualised on dashboards and see examples of how they can look.

An unheard opinion is worse than a bad customer experience

On a flight between Berlin and Stockholm, our CEO Tobias Thalbäck experienced not only bad service, but also how it feels when you as a customer are not being listened to. Read more about how the airline company handled the situation and Tobias’ thoughts about the importance of closing the feedback loop – not only to listen to your customers, but also to let them know that they have been heard.

Design Templates for your questionnaire ready to use directly in the tool

Some time ago we released our new function Survey Design Editor where you, through drag and drop technology, create how the surveys you send will look like. Now you get an even easier option by three pre-designed templates that are ready to use for you when you create your survey. Of course, they are responsive and work in all browsers. We will continuously add more poll templates to make it even easier for you to quickly and easily select various appearances on the questionnaire. Please contact us if you have suggestions about the design template!