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Feedback from your customers gives valuable insights to continuously improve your offer, increase customer loyalty and boost sales figures.

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Customer satisfaction surveys with Netigate

There are several ways to measure customer satisfaction and many factors can influence your choice of survey.

Before you start, you need to ask yourselves a few questions:

  • What product/service do you provide?
  • How many customers are served?
  • What is your overall relation to your customers and how often are you in contact?
  • Is customer satisfaction the only customer survey type you need?
  • And finally, what do you plan to do with your results?

    Two of the most common types of customer satisfaction surveys are post-purchase evaluations (with/without Net Promoter Score) and annual customer satisfaction surveys (including Customer Satisfaction Index). A customer satisfaction survey program will provide the detailed insights that you need to increase customer loyalty and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, we are happy to guide with the ultimate combination of feedback points. This helps to fully understand your customers.
  • One solution for all your feedback needs

    Create a survey with Netigate
    Start from scratch or use a template - Our intuitive interface lets you easily create surveys without prior experience.
    Multiple distribution methods - Reach your audience on their terms. Send surveys via email, links, API or with individual logins.
    Responsive, attractive, and flexible design - Netigate is designed to work - and look good - on multiple mobile platforms.
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    Turn data into insights - Easily sort data with filters of your choice, before sharing custom reports with your colleagues.

    Measure and improve customer satisfaction

    Working with customer satisfaction surveys in Netigate is very easy. We offer a vast number of template questions to choose from. Alternatively, you can customise and brand your own questionnaire from scratch. Standard metrics such as Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Index are easy to add.

    Netigate’s analysis and reports also offers excellent possibilities to visualise results through real-time dashboards. Create different dashboards that are easy to distribute, for example to the top-level management or on your intranet. Use built-in features such as mail notifications that are based on customer feedback. This feature enables you to alert managers or customer service in seconds to take immediate action to enhance the customer experience and prevent future churn.

    Start asking your customers what they think about your products or services – it’s probably one of the best decisions you can make.

    Begin your feedback journey with Netigate

    “Netigate helps us to find out what worked well at events and what we need to optimise. This enables us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, and to improve our processes”

    To help you build stronger relationships with customers and employees

    We take your security seriously, with full GDPR compliance and servers based in the EU.
    Our in-house team of insight consultants offers continuous support and expertise.
    Powerful but intuitive, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.
    Netigate API and custom-developed add-ons make integration easy.

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