Customer Satisfaction - 7

Happy customers are good for business. From utilising the NPS to managing your churn rate, we have everything you need to maintain customer satisfaction.

High customer satisfaction generates greater returns

Do you know what your customers really think about your company? In today's society with increasing numbers of products and services it is more important then ever to know your customers needs so you can keep them loyal. Measuring customer satisfaction in an action based way gives you the information you need to quickly take relevant action and keep your customers happy. Read more about how customer satisfaction generates greater returns, why measuring customer satisfaction is so important for your business, and how you can increase loyalty in the most efficient way.

Sample questions for a churn survey to minimise your churn rate

There is usually a lot of focus in the business on making sales. However, one of the key triggers of successful businesses is to ensure your customers also remain customers. To track the cancellation of your customers the term churn rate is used. In this post, I’ll be examining a way to improve your churn rate and push it down closer to 0% using churn surveys.

Customer Satisfaction


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