Why you should get the work council on board when conducting employee surveys

Even though you as an HR Manager know about the advantages of employee surveys and about the value they bring for the whole organization, persuading efforts might be necessary before you start a survey. Especially if employee surveys are not yet well established in your company, it is most likely that you meet opposition: The work council might have concerns about data security, the staff worries about anonymity and their jobs and maybe the management does not back the project assuming high costs and low benefits.

Netigate’s 2014 Employee Report – What 10,000 Swedish employees think about their workplace

Employees throughout Sweden generally have a positive view of their workplaces, but there are also a number of areas for improvement for Swedish managers to tackle. For the seventh year in a row, we are releasing the biggest aggregated employee report in Sweden, which is based on the results of Netigate’s 2014 employee survey. The result is a compilation of responses from approximately 10,000 individuals in 80 workplaces throughout Sweden. Read more about the results and download the report here.

Infographic: Why employee engagement is important!

Only 42% of the employees know their organization's mission and 4 out of 10 employees around the world are not engaged in their work. Take a look at this infographic to get a short summary of why it is important to keep your employees happy!

How the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) works and how to use it

Employee Satisfaction Index is a method used to get an overall idea of how satisfied employees are with their workplace. The procedure is built on three questions that are developed to visualize in-house satisfaction in a way that is easy to measure and present to employees. The questions are produced so that they can be applied to all sorts of companies and industries.

eNPS Employee Net Promoter Score – how engaged are your employees?

Loyal and engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their company and they affect other employees and customers. They power up your business as they provide better customer experiences, create energy within the organisation and come up with new ideas to improve for example products, services or processes. eNPS is a method to easily and quickly find out how willing employees are to recommend their employer as a workplace. Basically it is built on one single question distributed through an online survey where employees answer how likely they would be to recommend their employer as a workplace on a scale from zero to ten. eNPS is used by a growing number of companies since it is an easy method that gives a quick overview over time and in comparison to other companies.

Netigate’s employee report 2013 Sweden – Summary

For the sixth consecutive year, Netigate is proud to release the largest aggregated employee report in Sweden. Based on the results from Netigate’s Employee Survey 2013, the report is generated from web conversations with more than 7000 employees at 62 different employers. It can be used as an excellent benchmark to compare your own company results with, but also to use as an indicator of what employees in general think about their current work situation.

10 tips online employee surveys can help you to become a better HR-manager

As an HR-manager you need to know your company inside and out. The internal culture, the level of employee satisfaction, and how to attract new talents to your company. To gain this valuable information you could of course just ask them in person. But this is time-consuming and how honest will they be about their thoughts? Here are our 10 best tips on how you can use online surveys to gain important information quickly and easily to help you make the best decisions concerning your employee satisfaction.