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Netigate is an online survey platform that companies use for any number of surveys or questionnaires, our most frequent usage area are HR-surveys, customer surveys, event/course evaluations or market research. The survey platform make use of cookies to enhance the browsing experience and provide additional functionality.

Survey respondents and cookies

As a respondent of a Netigate survey there is only one situation where a respondent of a survey will have a cookie set on their browser/computer. If you are reading this, it is because you have been sent a survey link with the specific setting of only allowing one answer per person: Survey Distribution method: Survey Link Specific setting: One answer/person (computer) Function: When the one answer per person setting is selected, this happens: a cookie is placed in the browser that the respondent is using to answer the survey. If the respondent tries to answer more than once, from that browser, the cookie placed will ensure that a second response is not permitted to the survey. Can this setting be avoided? The cookie can be deleted by going to the cookie settings in your browser and clear the cache and cookie history.

Will we use this cookie data for anything else?

  • We will not share the answers of the survey to anyone other than the sender of the survey, and answers are anonymised.
  • We will not sell data on to any third parties or use it for any other means than ensuring that the survey only can be answered once.
The sender of the survey and Netigate has agreed to a Data Protection Agreement available on our legal pages and adheres to current data regulation and privacy laws, such as GDPR. Our servers are based in Europe (Sweden and Germany).